Friday, February 15, 2008

Agnes's blog

Hey fellow reader,I have found a site that is quite interesting that you probably need to .This an online diary of Agnes,which include video clip and photo.
But what make me impress is that she have post quite frequently and make the blog look fresh.This blog is using blogger platform which I believe it has recently changed his template.It has technorati authority of 2.Which I believe it will get better after a moment.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Maple story

Is Sunday in the morning,and I suddenly recall that I need to write some post about maple.Do you hear this game before?Maple story is a 2D online RPG game.It is a game that allows user to train your selected character and fight monsters.It is very cute and many teen like to play it.How do I know?Because I play it before,and it is quite a good game.But sometime you will get bored,is depends on you.I have stopped playing the game because I have to concentrate developing my blog.You can select your job after you have upgrade to certain level.The job include magician,archer,thief and warrior.Each of them can do two advancements.The maximum level is 200.As my advice,you better get into party if you want to play the game.Because sometimes you will get bored.

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Friday, February 8, 2008


Hallo,my fellow reader.My family and I just celebrate our Chinese new year festival this week.This is a wonderful day for all Chinese.While this is not my point of writing this post.After all,I just want to recommend one sites that is very useful.A site call crunchyroll.It is a very interesting sites that you must preview,first of all it is a media sites.It function like you tube,but the different is the movie is not separated in different file.Unlike you tube which the common movie clip is around 4-15 minutes.Crunchyroll movie can hold until one hour.Most of the movie in this sites is Asia movie,like Hong Kong drama,Korean drama and Japan drama.Although most of the movie is Asia movie,but you can't type Chinese word into the Crunchyroll search box,because there is no Chinese word in this sites.So if you want to preview a Hong Kong drama,you must make sure its English title.I just watch one Hong Kong drama last week,its name is "man in pain".You can preview it too.But most important is that,this sites is very fast until sometimes I don't even realize that the movie is buffering.So go and take a try,maybe you will get some excitement. crunchyroll

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Friday, February 1, 2008

My hard luck day

Hallo guy,I have been a long time not active in this blog.I had to apologize to all my fellow reader,cause it was a hard time for me to changed my career into blogging.While now I did not even earn a penny,but I promise to all my reader,I will produce more quality content.Want to know more about my news,I am jobless now and I can do what everything to earn me a living.I can't deny that my purpose of blogging is to earn money.Because I rather invest my time than money.While it seem like hard to earn money in blogging,even a single cent.

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Youtube the king

Hallo,fellow reader,today I will recommend one powerful sites.It is call youtube ,a video sharing sites which include million of video clips.Unregister user can watch unlimited video clip on youtube and register user can upload unlimited video clip.While one of my friends frequently posted his shuffle video clip to this sites.Youtube get a world alexa ranking of 3,and it got page rank of 7 (when this posted is publish) which means that it is a branded websites.In 2006 November,Google announced that they have acquired youtube,with an estimate price of 1.65 USD billions.It was created by three formal paypal employee.It's founder is steven chen,chad hurley,and jawed karim.Its revenue is not disclose.You can check more information about youtube in

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